How to watch ABEMA, the hottest video distribution service in Japan, from overseas

The easiest way to watch Japanese news, sports, dramas, anime, etc. from overseas is to subscribe to a video distribution service originating from Japan.

There are several video distribution services in Japan, but the most recommended is ABEMA.

The following is an explanation of the appeal of ABEMA and how to watch (how to register).

What is ABEMA?




ABEMA is a free internet TV station. (It used to be called AbemaTV.)

ABEMA offers a wide variety of genres such as news programs, dramas, and sports. You can watch Mahjong, Shogi, Sumo, K-1, Soccer World Cup (all games!), live concerts of famous singers and artists, etc., which were previously unavailable.

The number of animation channels is the largest in the country, and fashion shows and romantic reality shows are especially popular among young people. It now attracts more attention than existing TV programs or satellite broadcasting.

What can I watch at ABEMA?


Please check ABEMA site for the latest program information!

What is the appeal of ABEMA?

You can watch it abroad!
ABEMA can be viewed from all over the world except some regions. However, subtitles and multilingual support are not yet available.

No membership registration required, you can even watch for free!
By accessing the ABEMA website on your PC or smartphone, you can immediately check and watch programs that are currently on the air or scheduled to be on the air. There is no need to register your e-mail address, and some of the programs can be viewed for free.


Watch ABEMA now for free.

Multi-device support
ABEMA is compatible with all communication devices: computers, smartphones, tablets, TVs, and smart speakers. In addition, the ABEMA app has a reputation for being very easy to use. The smartphone (Android/iPhone) application can be downloaded free of charge.

A wealth of animation content
ABEMA is particularly focused on anime. There are channels for both classic and hot new anime, as well as on-demand delivery where you can watch all major anime and maniacal late-night anime from the first episode to the last episode.

Comment Function
ABEMA allows anyone to comment freely while watching TV channels. The comments are displayed in real time, so even if you are watching alone, you can feel like you are watching with everyone else and get excited. However, with the free plan, the comment function can only be used for programs that are being broadcast. With a paid plan (ABEMA Premium), you can view comments later, even for programs you missed.

Videos can be downloaded (paid plans only).
With a paid plan (ABEMA Premium), you can download video content to your smartphone or tablet in a Wi-Fi environment so that you can play it whenever you want without consuming communication data.

Difference between Free Plan and ABEMA Premium

Premium-only features include

  • Play videos without ads
  • Ability to download videos
  • Watch from the beginning even if you are late for the start of the TV broadcast
  • View everyone’s comments on the broadcast even after it has aired
  • Discounts on new movie rentals and purchases such as pay-per-view
    *Some movies are not available

How do I register for a paid plan (ABEMA Premium)?

  1. access the official ABEMA website
  2. click on “Start ¥0 Trial
  3. enter your email address and password and submit
  4. enter the verification code sent to your email
  5. select a payment method and enter your information
  6. complete registration


*”Start a ¥0 trial” refers to a 2-week free trial (trial registration)!
For details, please visit ABEMA website.[PR]

How to Cancel ABEMA

For information on how to cancel a paid plan (ABEMA Premium), please visit the official website. *The cancellation procedure is described on this page of the official website.

The first two weeks of ABEMA Premium is a free trial period, so if you cancel during that time, you will not incur any monthly fees.


AbemaTV 無料体験

Feel free to try ABEMA Premium.

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