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For those who want to know more about Japan

About us

We are a Japanese couple who run this site. We are both experts in researching Japanese media.

Every day we answer simple questions about Japan from all over the world.

This site provides unique and attractive information about Japan that cannot be obtained from existing media for those who want to know about Japanese history, culture, trends, etc., and answers questions that cannot be answered by existing media.

Honesty is our motto.

There are misrepresentations in general news media and SNS. They deliberately exaggerate the good and keep the bad in secret. AI lies without malice.

We always try to be kind to everyone. Please feel free to ask questions.

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    Questions are always welcome. We welcome any questions, no matter how trivial, but we will not answer them individually. Please see the posted article for the answer. It may take some time for us to post the answer. We will not answer spam, hate, or nonsense questions. Please understand in advance that we may take you to court through our legal counsel.

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