How to shop on Amazon Japan from overseas | Detailed explanation of overseas shipping and customs duties!

If you want to get Japanese products that are difficult to purchase overseas, such as Japanese books and music, Japanese movies and dramas, Japanese fashion, Japanese stationery and toys, Japanese detergents and cosmetics, Japanese electronics and tools, etc., you should use Japanese Amazon. It is the easiest, cheapest, and fastest way to get Japanese products.

If you use Amazon Global, the Japanese version of Amazon’s international shipping service, your order will be delivered in as little as two days. I have used this service overseas several times, and was really surprised when I received my order two days after ordering.

Besides, prices are cheap in Japan to begin with. Also, with the current exchange rate, your country’s currency will be in your favor when you shop at the Japanese version of Amazon.

In this article, we will explain in detail how to shop on Amazon in Japan, overseas shipping fees, customs duties, etc.

What is Amazon Grobal?


Amazon Grobal is a service on the Japanese version of Amazon that allows customers to shop using an overseas address as their shipping address. More than 65 overseas countries are eligible for shipping.

There are restrictions on the products you can purchase, and not all products are available for international shipping, but you will receive Japanese products at home just as if you were doing your usual online shopping.

Amazon Grobal is the best way to get Japanese products easily, quickly, and inexpensively.

Amazon Global Countries Covered

The following countries are eligible for AmazonGlobal international shipping. For those countries, customs duty can be paid in advance at the same time as the product price.

Ireland, United States of America, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Israel, Italy, India, Indonesia, Uruguay, Egypt, Estonia, Austria, Oman, Netherlands, Qatar, Canada, South Korea, Cyprus, Greece, Kuwait, Costa Rica, Colombia Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sweden, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Thailand, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Chile, China, Denmark, Germany, Turkey, Norway, Bahrain, Panama, Palau, Hungary, Philippines, Finland, Puerto Rico, Brazil, France Bulgaria, Venezuela, Peru, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, Hong Kong, Malta, Malaysia, South Africa, Mexico, Monaco, Jordan, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Romania, Luxembourg Customer Service

The number of countries covered is being expanded.

How to use Amazon Global

Even if you are an Amazon member in your own country, you cannot use the Japanese version of Amazon. You need to register as a member of the Japanese version of Amazon separately from your country’s Amazon account.

You can use a free account for the Japanese Amazon account to use Amazon Global. You do not need to be a Prime member to use international shipping.

>> Register with the Japanese version of Amazon first.

Amazon Global does not have a special site. You can select products for international shipping from the same site as the Japanese version of Amazon. No complicated procedures are required. Simply register your shipping address in advance.

How to find and identify items eligible for international shipping

After setting your shipping address, click on “Amazon Global” that appears in the menu bar. If you do so, the category will switch to only the products that can be shipped overseas. All items in this list are for overseas shipping.

  1. Set your shipping address
  2. Click “Amazon Global” in the menu bar
  3. Search for products of interest from categories

Also, there is another way to find out if it is a target product or not.

  1. Set your shipping address
  2. Search for the product you want in the search window
  3. Check the display of “Target for shipment to ○○ country”

If the shipping address is set to overseas (other than Japan), the product that can be shipped overseas will be displayed as “Ship to ○○ country” on the Amazon search results list screen.

Examples of Categories Available/Unavailable for International Shipping

Available for International ShippingNo international shipping available
Books & DVDs
Home Appliances
Home & Kitchen Goods
Medical Supplies
Certain Daily Necessities

For more information on how to use Amazon Global or for frequently asked questions, please visit Amazon Global Help.

Merits and Demerits of Amazon Global


You can buy Japanese-priced items tax-free.
When you buy from Amazon Global, you are not subject to Japanese sales tax.

You know the customs duty ahead of time.
Amazon Global allows you to pay the customs duty together with the product price when you purchase an item. You can rest assured that you will know the amount of customs duty before your order is confirmed.

Fast arrival time.
EMS (Express Mail Service) is generally the standard shipping method from Japan to overseas, but it is notoriously complicated and slow. However, Amazon Global has partnered with DHL, and shipments arrive much faster than EMS. And since Amazon is the contact point, it is easy and inexpensive.


Unfortunately, Amazon Global does not ship food, pharmaceuticals, and some daily necessities internationally.

For products that cannot be shipped internationally, the following message will appear during purchase. In this case, you cannot proceed with the purchase.

The shipping address you selected is outside the seller’s shipping range for this item. Please select a different shipping address or purchase from another seller.

*If you want Japanese food, medicine, or other items that cannot be shipped overseas by the Japanese version of Amazon, there is another way. (Explanatory article in preparation)

Also, Amazon Global’s shipping charges are determined by weight, so shipping charges for heavier items such as consumer electronics will be higher. Please check the shipping cost on the pre-payment screen after adding the item to the cart.

If you cannot access the Japanese version of Amazon, or if you are concerned about security

In some areas, Amazon Japan may not be accessible or may be partially restricted. It is man-made by states or providers and can be legally avoided by using a VPN.

VPN is an abbreviation for “Virtual Private Network”, and is a technology for encrypted communication on the Internet.

For example, personal information may be stolen when connecting to public WiFi that is used by an unspecified number of people, such as cafes and airports. By using a VPN, you can communicate safely because it builds a private network like a tunnel. Many companies use VPNs to protect information security in the business scene. A VPN is a tool that allows you to use the Internet safely without being disturbed by anyone.

Instead of using the IP address of the country where you are located, the VPN will pick and use the IP addresses of various countries where VPN servers are located. Therefore, you can bypass regional restrictions and use Japanese web pages and web services that are normally inaccessible from overseas.

Our recommended VPN is NordVPN.

NordVPN has a no-logs policy and operates in Panama, where there are no data storage obligations, in order not to collect user data (no-logs). Boasting high security and fast communication speed, it supports not only the Japanese version of Amazon, but also all major Japanese video distribution services.

A VPN is required to use Japanese websites, TV, and video viewing services overseas. NordVPN is easy to use and cost-effective! 30 days money back guarantee.

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There are many other companies that offer VPN services. The following article summarizes three recommended VPN services, including NordVPN, and dangerous VPN services that you should not use.

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