How to Watch Japanese Professional Baseball Live Online Overseas

Baseball in Japan has become a global topic at the World Baseball Classic (WBC). I want to watch a Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) game! , I want to know more about Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) news! For such people, we will explain how to watch professional baseball broadcasts on Japanese TV and online and how to watch them from overseas.

*VPN connection is a must to watch Japanese TV and online streaming services. Please refer to the linked article in the link below to install a VPN service.

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If you go through a VPN, you can also watch Japanese professional baseball for free. The following article explains in detail.


Watch Japanese professional baseball for free!

With the start of the baseball season, Japanese TV and the Internet broadcast the results of professional baseball games in detail along with digest videos every day. If you watch them via VPN, you can get the latest information on Japanese professional baseball for free.Here are the easiest and recommended methods.

Watch Japanese professional baseball on TVer


TVer is a free video distribution service jointly provided by commercial TV stations. In addition to NHK, you can watch programs from major Japanese TV stations such as “Nippon Television”, “TV Asahi”, “TBS”, “TV Tokyo”, and “Fuji TV” completely free of charge and without membership registration.

Just by accessing TVer via VPN and selecting your favorite program, you can watch Japanese professional baseball news programs and games. *However, this is not a live broadcast. Delivered slightly later than the broadcast time. And the delivery period is usually limited to one week.

Watch Japanese professional baseball on Nico Nico Douga’s professional baseball channel

Nico Nico Douga

Nico Nico professional baseball channel

Nico Nico Douga is one of Japan’s leading video sharing sites. It is famous for its feature that allows viewers to post comments on the screen at any time. On the professional baseball channel of Nico Nico Douga, Access via VPN. You can watch all the games for free only for the games hosted by the Yokohama DeNA Baystars. *However, when it gets crowded, paid members (500 yen per month) will be given priority.

>>How to watch Nico Nico Douga Anime for free from overseas.

Watch Japanese professional baseball on hulu


hulu | Sports | dramatic baseball

hulu is a Japanese video distribution service famous for movies and anime. hulu broadcasts games hosted by the Tokyo Yomiuri Giants. You can watch it by accessing via VPN.

hulu is a paid service, but it has a two-week free trial, so you can watch it for free for two weeks. Of course, you can also enjoy movies, dramas, and animations. If you cancel during the free period, you will not be charged anything.

There are also many exclusive distributions. If you are interested in not only Japanese professional baseball, but also Japanese movies, dramas, and anime, please consider joining!

Free for 2 weeks! Cancel just for free!

Watch all Japanese professional baseball games for a fee!

Due to sponsorship agreements and video rights, it is necessary to use multiple paid video distribution services to watch all Japanese professional baseball games and their news.

Introducing the only service in the world that delivers all professional baseball games.



SKY PerfecTV!

SKY PerfecTV! If you subscribe to the professional baseball set, you will be able to watch all the games of all 12 Japanese professional baseball teams.

SKY PerfecTV! Pro Baseball Set allows you to watch not only official games, but also open games, CS, Japan Series (some of them), and even official farm games.

This is ideal for those who really want to watch and study Japanese professional baseball.

SKY PerfecTV!, the image of satellite broadcasting (CS broadcasting) is strong, but SKY PerfecTV! You can also watch on your smartphone or tablet by using on-demand (no additional charge).


Free for the month of subscription!
All 12 Japanese professional baseball teams are available for viewing.

How to watch all Japanese professional baseball games, excluding one team

If you are particular about seeing all 12 professional baseball teams in Japan, then the “SKY PerfecTV! Professional Baseball Set” is recommended.

If there is no problem with the games of 11 teams excluding one team, there are the following distribution services.



DAZN is a sports video distribution service that operates in over 200 countries and regions around the world. If you join the Japanese version, you can watch the games of 11 teams, excluding the Hiroshima Tokyo Carp.

The price is slightly lower than SKY PerfecTV, so if you don’t need to watch games with the Hiroshima Toyo Carp, we recommend it. It is also recommended for sports enthusiasts, as you can watch many sports other than professional baseball (J-League, tennis, etc.).


All games of 11 Japanese professional baseball teams are broadcast live!

Other viewing methods and notes

Watch Japanese professional baseball for free!

There are other ways to watch Japanese professional baseball. The easiest way is YouTube.

Access Japanese YouTube and search for “#プロ野球” in Japanese. You can watch a lot of videos about professional baseball in Japan.

Among them, @dulabhai (124,000 registrants) and @jsports_yakyu (15,400 registrants) can watch highlights from their latest matches.

However, unofficial broadcasts of professional baseball are illegal. In the past, there have been cases where people were arrested for illegally distributing professional baseball broadcasts on YouTube. Please note that downloading illegal videos is also illegal.

Of course, it is not illegal to watch Japanese professional baseball through the streaming services introduced on this page. Some of them are restricted so that you can’t watch them from overseas, but you can avoid them by using a VPN. Of course, the act is not illegal either. For more information, check the official website of the recommended VPN provider.

A VPN is required to use Japanese websites, TV, and video viewing services overseas. NordVPN is easy to use and cost-effective! 30 days money back guarantee.

^^ Access Japanese content safely and reliably! ^^

You can enjoy Japanese professional baseball by using Japanese video distribution service via the best VPN. Please try it now.

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