The god named “Amaterasu” is the most powerful god in Japan!


There are many gods in Japan. From the gods of the ancient Japanese faith and Shintoism to those of Buddhist origin, the number is infinite.

Although “gods” should not be ranked as superior or inferior, it is said that the most powerful god in Japan is Amaterasu Omikami (Amaterasu Omikami).

This is a common belief in Japan.

If you ever come to Japan, you should know about Amaterasu Omikami beforehand.

The following is a summary of basic knowledge about Amaterasu Omikami. Please read it before you go to Japan.


Who is Amaterasu? What kind of god is he?


Amaterasu is the ruler of heaven = the goddess of the sun, as recorded in the Japanese mythology “Kojiki” and the oldest history book “Nihonshoki”.

The name Amaterasu is derived from the Japanese words ama, meaning “sky” or “heaven,” and terasu, meaning “shining.

Amaterasu is also a Shinto deity and is regarded as the ancestral deity of the Japanese imperial family.

It is, of course, a fiction. And there is no idol. But Amaterasu is the most famous god and symbol of Japanese faith.

Why is Amaterasu considered the most powerful?

Mythology describes an episode in which Amaterasu saved the world from darkness, and Amaterasu is described as the highest-ranking of the gods.

※The myth of Amaterasu is easy to understand by watching this video.

※If you cannot watch the video, please register for a “VPN”. Please refer to this article on how to use VPN service to watch international videos.

Amaterasu’s home is the Inner Shrine of Ise Jingu, which is considered to be a “sanctuary of distinction” among Japanese shrines. From this fact, there is no room to dispute that he is the highest-ranking god of Japan and the most powerful god in Japan.

That is the view of the Jinja Honcho, a religious organization that encompasses shrines throughout Japan, and the perception of most Japanese people.

Where do we pray to Amaterasu?

Amaterasu is enshrined at many shrines scattered throughout Japan, but his home is the “Inner Shrine of Ise Jingu” mentioned above.

It is located in Mie Prefecture.

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