What are “Sagicho,” “Dondoyaki,” and “Sai no Kami” that conclude Japanese New Year’s events?


The Japanese New Year is marked by a variety of customs. The finale of these customs is on January 15, Koshogatsu.

The events held on that night in various parts of Japan are “Sagicho,” “Dondoyaki,” and “Sai no Kami. They are called by different names in different regions, but they all refer to the same event.

This section will explain these mysterious events unique to Japan: “Sagicho,” “Dondon-yaki,” and “Sai no Kami.


What are “Sagicho,” “Dondoyaki,” and “Sai no Kami”?


Sagicho,” “Dondoyaki,” and “Sai no Kami” are national events in Japan, like fire festivals held at the end of the New Year (koshogatsu).

There are various fire beliefs handed down from generation to generation, such as that people who bathe in its flames or ashes will not catch a cold all year round, or that people who eat rice cakes or dumplings baked over the fire will not get sick.

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