What is that sponge-like thing floating in miso soup?

floating in miso soup

What is that sponge-like thing floating in miso soup?

It is “Fu”. Also called “Ofu”.

What is Fu?

Fu is a simple ingredient made by kneading wheat flour while adding water. During the process of making it, it is repeatedly rubbed in water so that only gluten remains. It is therefore high in protein and a good balance of other minerals, such as sodium and potassium.

floating in miso soup

Healthy food?

YES! Fu is a vegetable protein food used in vegetarian cooking and contains very little fat, is high in protein and low in calories. It is so easily digestible and nutritious that it can even be used in baby food.

What kind?

There are many colors, shapes, and types of fu.

Yaki-fu: Gluten is added to flour and baked. Most of the items in miso soup are yaki-fu.

  • Kuruma-fu: layered like annual rings
  • Chikuwa fu: donut-shaped
  • Ita-fu: board-shaped
  • Hana-fu: colored and shaped like small flowers
  • Temari fu: colored and shaped like small balls

Nama-fu: gluten is added to glutinous flour and steamed or boiled.

Age fu: deep-fried in oil

How to eat?

Yaki fu is soaked once in water or lukewarm water to moisten and soften it. Then, squeeze out the water and use it as an ingredient in soup, simmered dishes, or stir-fried dishes.

When using small fu in soup or simmered dishes, it can also be cooked as is.

Where can you buy it?

You can buy it at supermarkets as long as you do not choose the shape or type. Some can only be bought by mail order, as the way of eating and the type of food vary from region to region.

As the soup soaks up the flavor, it becomes fluffy and delicious.

Enjoy eating it.

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