When is the best season for fruits in Japan?


What fruits are recommended for each season?


  • January: Mandarin oranges(Mikan,Satsuma, etc.), apples
  • February: Citrus fruits, apples, strawberries
  • March: Citrus fruits, strawberries
  • April: Citrus fruits, strawberries, loquats
  • May: melons, loquats
  • June: cherries, melons, loquats, watermelons
  • July: peaches, watermelons, melons
  • August: peaches, watermelons, pears, grapes, figs
  • September: grapes, pears, chestnuts, figs
  • October: chestnuts, pears, persimmons, figs, mandarin oranges(Mikan,Satsuma, etc.), grapes
  • November: persimmons, pears, mandarin oranges(Mikan,Satsuma, etc.), apples
  • December: mandarin oranges(Mikan,Satsuma, etc.), apples, pears

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  • You can buy delicious seasonal fruits at supermarkets at reasonable prices.
  • The harvest time of the same fruit varies depending on the variety.
  • There are differences depending on the weather and the region where the fruit is grown.

Enjoy the delicious fruits of Japan!

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