Hitou|3 Japanese hot springs that will make you beautiful


Hitou means a hot spring so wonderful that you want to keep it a secret.

There are many hot springs throughout Japan, each with different types of hot water. Among them, those with excellent benefits are said to be secret hot springs that people do not want to share with others, and these secret hot springs have been handed down to the present day.

In this article, we will introduce three of the best secret hot springs in Japan where people have long believed that “bathing in this hot spring will make you a beautiful woman.


What kind of Japanese hot springs can make you beautiful?

The type of hot spring water (onsen) in Japan that can make you beautiful is called “Bijin-no-yu” (hot water of beauty).

Because the quality of the skin improved remarkably after bathing in such hot water, it spread by word of mouth as the kind of hot water that makes one beautiful, and the rumor became famous throughout the country.

It was only in recent years that it was analyzed that the hot water contains many skin-cleansing ingredients.

Japan’s 3 Greatest Hot Springs of Beauty

The 3 greatest hot springs of beauty in Japan that can make you beautiful are known in Japan as the “日本三大美人の湯(Nippon Sandai Bijin-no-yu)”.

Japanese hot springs that can make you beautiful_1


Tourism Exchange Division, Wakayama Prefectural Government
  • Spring quality: Sodium bicarbonate spring (sodium bicarbonate spring) …Skin feels smooth and moist.
  • Benefits: Effective for beautiful skin, sensitivity to cold, neuralgia, stiff shoulders, etc.
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