How to Make Japanese Sushi Rolls and Recipes


In Japan, nigirizushi is not often made at home. Sushi is either eaten out at a sushi restaurant or ordered for delivery.

*For more information about the sushi restaurant system in Japan, please see this article.

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However, sushi rolls are an exception. Sushi rolls may be made at home.

This article will show you how to make sushi rolls and recommend recipes.


What is makizushi?

Makizushi = sushi roll is a food consisting of rice with ingredients sandwiched between ingredients and rolled up with nori or other seaweed.

Sushi rolls that are tightly rolled and then sliced are called “makizushi. Those that are simply rolled and eaten immediately are called “Temakizushi. The round or triangular shape in which the ingredients are wrapped is called “onigiri” or “omusubi”.

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However, what is called sushi usually uses vinegared rice. Rice balls do not use sushi rice.

What is Sushi rice? How to make sushi rice and why vinegar is used

Sushi rice is rice lightly seasoned with vinegar.

Making sushi rice is simple. Simply mix a small amount of sugar and salt seasoned vinegar (sushi vinegar) with freshly cooked rice.

Sushi vinegar, which is already seasoned and simply mixed with rice, is also available.

The reason for using sushi rice is to remove the fishy smell and prevent spoilage, since fish is the main ingredient in sushi. Sushi used to be a preserved and portable food, and its taste has become a tradition.

Sushi rolls that do not contain raw fish do not necessarily need to be made with sushi rice.

How to make sushi rolls (with video)

Spread sushi rice on a square or rectangular piece of nori, place an ingredient of your choice in the center of the sushi rice, and roll it up in the nori so as to wrap the ingredient and sushi rice.

The traditional way to make makizushi is to use a small bamboo bamboo screen called makinoren and wrap the vinegared rice and ingredients in the nori.

It is difficult to explain in words, so please watch the video.

▼ Watch this video on how to make authentic sushi rolls. You can learn how to make it professionally by watching this.

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