The best way to watch Japanese Taiga Dramas and other NHK programs from overseas

The easiest way to watch Japanese NHK shows is to use a VPN to access NHK Plus. NHK Plus is a free, real-time streaming service of some of NHK’s programs.

The live broadcast of “Kohaku Uta Gassen” can also be viewed from overseas on NHK Plus. Please refer to this article.

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However, past programs cannot be viewed on NHK Plus.
It is possible to watch the broadcast within 7 days from the broadcast, but it is necessary to have a TV reception contract with NHK in order to do so. *If you only want to watch real-time broadcasts, you do not need to sign up for a TV subscription, but there may be a message on the screen urging you to sign a contract.

The best way to watch Japanese NHK programs from overseas is to use NHK On Demand.

NHK On Demand is a paid service that delivers programs that NHK has broadcast in the past (taiga dramas, morning dramas, popular documentaries, etc.). With NHK On Demand, you can watch not only current programs but also past popular programs.

This page explains how to watch NHK On Demand, which is the best way to watch Japanese NHK programs from overseas.

What is NHK On Demand?
NHK On Demand Appeal and Benefits of Watching

NHK On Demand is an Internet video distribution service that allows you to watch about 10,000 of the programs that have been broadcast by NHK, Japan’s public broadcaster.

Every year, NHK produces and broadcasts dramas that become a hot topic in Japan. The representative works are “Asadora”, which is broadcast on weekday mornings, and “Taiga Drama”, which is broadcast on Sunday nights. They have produced many masterpieces. “Oshin” is also famous overseas. In addition, there are many programs that are regarded as masterpieces such as documentaries, animations, and educational programs on the theme of Japanese nature and customs.

NHK On Demand, which delivers not only the latest programs but also past broadcasts, is the best information channel for learning about Japanese history, culture, and trends.

What is NHK On Demand

How to watch NHK On Demand from overseas

There are three ways to watch NHK On Demand.

  • Register from NHK On Demand official website
  • Register from Amazon Prime Video Japan
  • Register from U-NEXT, Japan’s subscription video service

The easiest and most profitable way is to register from the Japanese version of Amazon Prime.

If you are a Prime member of the Japanese version of Amazon now, all you have to do is add the NHK On-Demand channel. Registration is easy. Click the button below to go to the registration screen.

NHK On-demand unlimited viewing channel (990 yen/month)

・This channel does not have a free trial.
・A monthly fee of 990 yen will be charged from the 1st to the last day of each month. Even if you register or cancel in the middle of the month, there is no prorated refund. (Even if you register at the end of the month, you will be charged for one month.)
・The channel contract is automatically renewed on the 1st of every month.

If you are not yet a Japanese Amazon Prime member, please refer to this article.

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Benefits of subscribing to NHK On Demand with Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime members also have access to a video service called Prime Video Channel. The channel has about 50 channels such as movies, anime, news, music, variety, etc. If there is something you want to watch, you can add it to the channel at any time.

>>Latest List of Prime Video Channels
One of the channels has NHK On Demand.

Amazon Prime Video’s “NHK On Demand” channel allows you to watch the same content for the same price as the NHK On Demand official website.

NHK On Demand

NHK On-demand unlimited viewing channel (990 yen/month)

The reason why it is recommended to apply for Amazon Prime over the NHK On Demand official website is that you cannot watch on TV on the NHK On Demand official website (official app). NHK programs have a lot of beautiful and powerful video content that you want to watch on a large monitor, so we recommend watching Amazon Prime Video, which allows you to watch TV. Also, compared to the official website (official app) of NHK On Demand, the Amazon app is easier to use and has more functions and is more convenient. What’s more, the procedure is simple. Just add channels. Cancellation is easy.

Of course, the benefits of being an Amazon Prime member are very attractive. Unlimited viewing of Amazon Prime Video. Unlimited listening to 2 million songs. You can also enjoy shopping at Amazon Japan.

Amazon Prime Video

Japanese Amazon Prime (500 yen/month or 4900 yen/year)
30-day free trial available

Please see the article linked below for how to shop at Amazon Japan and ship overseas.

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How to watch NHK on demand on amazon prime video

First, register as a Japanese version of amazon prime member.

Details on registering for a 30-day free trial Prime membership

Next, add NHK On Demand, the Japanese version of Amazon Prime Channel.

NHK On-demand unlimited viewing channel (990 yen/month)

All Japanese Amazon Prime Video channels, including NHK On Demand, are restricted to distribution areas within Japan, so they cannot be viewed from overseas. To watch safely and reliably from overseas, you need to use a VPN service to connect to a Japanese server.

A VPN is a program that allows you to change your IP address to another country such as Japan. The Japanese version of Amazon Prime Video, including NHK On Demand, can be viewed via a Japanese IP address.

The procedure is simple. Of course it is a legal means.


  1. Download the VPN program  
    • *Please select from the recommended VPN services introduced below.
  2. Start the VPN program
  3. Connect to a Japanese server (IP address)
  4. Access to Japanese Amazon Prime Video ~ NHK On Demand

After that, by following the same procedure, you will be able to watch NHK On Demand from overseas.

Top 3 Recommended VPNs for Watching NHK On-Demand from Abroad

・The world’s leading and most secure VPN provider
・No. 1 in VOD (video delivery site) support

・Unlimited devices per account and threat-free connection speeds
・No. 1 in cost performance for long-term use

・Budget-friendly VPN provider with low monthly fees
・Unlimited devices and money back guarantee

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The above three recommended VPNs are paid services with full support systems. It has also been confirmed that the Japanese version of Amazon and NHK On Demand can be viewed. However, please keep in mind that circumstances may vary from time to time. If you can’t watch with one of the above VPN connections (when blocked), here’s what to do. Please try in order from 1 below.

  1. Update your browser and apps
  2. Change your IP address to another address in Japan and update your browser or app
  3. Change your IP address to another address in Japan and update your browser and apps. After that, exit Japanese Amazon Prime Video once and access again after about 5 minutes

If you still can’t see it (blocked), try another VPN. The above VPN services have a trial period. Cancellation and contract procedures are easy.

Advantages of using the above VPN services

If you use a VPN service, you will be able to see sites that are subject to overseas restrictions in various countries. * Select the server in the country you want to watch via VPN and access the site you want to watch.

A VPN is a system that encrypts communications. You can safely connect to the Internet using free Wi-Fi at airports, hotels, Starbucks, Mac, etc. Free Wi-Fi can steal your personal information as much as you want. If you often use Wi-Fi on the go and handle important data at work, a VPN is a must.

You can use the Internet safely, and you can also watch sites and video distribution services that are subject to overseas regulations in various countries. The fee is cheap, ranging from several hundred yen to several thousand yen per month.

A VPN is recommended for all internet users. If you haven’t yet, please compare the above three companies and choose.

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